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e not yet com◆pleted conversion projects to replace coal with gas or electric hea◆ting can use coal or any other available measures, the ministry sai◆d in a circularZ

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released on Thursday. The China Huaneng power plan◆t in eastern Beijing had restarted one of its coal-fueled generator◆s as of Friday night, with another ready for restart at any time. ◆Another two plants could also go into service if necessary, the sou◆rce said. In 2013, the capital began a gradual process to replace ◆coal-fueled generators with equipment powered by natural gas. The c◆ity achieved its coal-free target in March this year. The old gene◆rators at the Huaneng plant were held in reserve in case they were ◆needed. According to the commission's website, one of the coal-fir◆ed generators was used over the summer to c3

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